Course “Physical Health Education Trainer of Seniors

Do you look after seniors? Do you maintain friendly relations with the elderly? Then get a certificate, improve your qualifications and open a new way towards your professional employment.

What is Physical Health Education ?

Physical Health education is there to activate and stabilize seniors’ state of health.

With regard to age, habits and health limitations it looks after their physical and psychical condition and keeping of social contacts. It is necessary to have specially educated and trained workers like you can become.

We are opening a course for trainers

We are starting the new course in October 2017. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of CR and it is directed by the specialists MUDr. Miloš Matouš and a physiotherapist

Jana Hlaďová from the Institute of Sport Medicine in Prague. There is no previous knowledge or practice required.

There are ten 4-hour afternoon seminars completed with five 20-hour weekend seminars.

During four months you will get all theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for successful passing of final examination and getting the certificate of Instructor of physical health education.

Certificate and methodical support to the fresh trainers

The certificate entitles you to operating your own training practice. You can offer your services to the clients of Seniors homes, rehabilitation institutes, spas or senior clubs. We are going to provide methodical support to the fresh trainers at the start of their practice and a discount up to 90 percent of the course price in case of further mutual cooperation.