“Seniors to sport court, not to hospital”

Seniors in swimming pool

During 13th to 14th March 2017 the first project meeting of all organizations involved in the project – Senior Fitnes, Bildungswerk Sachsen, Kosatky Karvina and Delfin Csieszyn – took place in Prague.

There were 10 participants present.

On the first day all of the organizations introduced themselves. At the same time we spoke about concrete situations connected with physical activities in respective countries. Part of the programme was a demonstration of movement activities implemented by Senior Fitnes at present. In the afternoon Dr. Matous lectured on Health aspects of regular exercising of seniors groups. Part of his lecture was focused on basic principles of working with seniors with regard to their health. At the same time Dr. Matous introduced results of many international studies, which clearly prove positive influence of regular movement on the state of health of senior population to their very old age.

The second day was devoted to water aerobics and instructing adults / seniors in swimming techniques. The morning part took place in the swimming pool in Sutka in Prague – Cimice. Members of the involved swimming clubs presented suitable swimming aids and described basic steps in swimming instruction to adults with emphasis on difference between teaching children or adults / seniors. The lecture and demonstration were applied not only to swimming instruction but also to water aerobics, which is so favorite with seniors.

The meeting was carried in a friendly informal spirit. The outcome of the meeting are methods of instructing adults /seniors in swimming and the basic health aspects of seniors movement activities.


Download report: First project meeting