Senior fitnes z.s. (project coordinator)

Nonprofit organization who have been providing movement and interest activities for seniors in Bohemia and Moravia since their foundation in 2008.They have arranged regular exercising for different groups of seniors, including the group of people enfeebled by chronic diseases of masculo-skeletal apparatus and by internal diseases. The main aim of their activities is keeping and prolonging mobility of seniors and stabilization of the ill with chronic diseases.

Along with sport activities they provide language courses of English, German and Italian, playing chess and bridge and also individual psychological counselling. They are preparing foundation of a choir and a dance group. They also organize trips on bicycles or wellness stays.

At the moment there are about 3000 seniors participating on those activities.

The main projects of the organization:

  • – Effecting movement activities for seniors
  • – Effecting of an accredited course for Physical health education trainers of seniors (accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
  • – Effecting of an accredited course for Instructors of versatile mobility training of children aged 4 to 11 (accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
  • – Providing wellness stays for seniors in Italy and Slovakia
  • – Effecting exercises on chairs – movement activities for the most affected group of seniors

The main partners of the regular activity of the organization are: the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, Municipality of the City of Prague, the town authorities of Prague 3, 5, 6 and others.

The organization cooperates with the Board of Seniors, Bank Account of the Barrier and further nonprofit organizations on many component projects.


Bildungswerk des Landessportbundes Sachsen e.V. /partner/

 Organization for lifelong learning and further education of adults established in Dresden /Saxony/ are providing programmes for various interested parties e.g. for teachers of physical education, trainers in commercial fitness studios, physiotherapists and teachers in kindergartens.

The German partner has got more experience in PR and Marketing area, which are necessary for stable run of organization. In their project they provide mainly issues of adult motivation for further education and substantial groundwork for sharing experience in PR and Marketing areas.


Kosatky Karvina z.s. and MTP Delfin Cieszyn

With regard to increasing interest of seniors in swimming a water gymnastics there are also two swimming clubs with a long practice in training swimmers of various age categories participating on the project.

Within the project they focus on getting and sharing experience from working with seniors.