The project uses implementation of SPORT at its basic level. It is implemented as a substantial part of a healthy lifestyle regardless people’s age, sex, their social status, physical or health condition.

The project offers physical activities to both healthy seniors, who are only enfeebled by aging process, and those with chronic diseases /diabetes, hypertension, breathing problems, etc./.

The sport activities for seniors include group trainings in gymnasiums, group aerobics in swimming pools, Nordic walking, cycling, tourism etc. according to their interests and agreement.

All of the sport activities proved to be a very effective implement for many aims, among others it contributes to:

1/ raising of employment rate and enhancement of abilities of being employed not only full time but also in a form of short time or as a self-employed person

2/ creating environment enabling seniors to get socially incorporated, to find new social relations and to be able to spend their free time in a community of people of about the same age or possibly of other age categories; our aim is to help seniors to habitually attend groups of pastime interests after they stop going to work.

3/ improvement of their lifestyle by enhancing their regular sport activities and also by campaigning against smoking, overusing alcohol which are sometimes leading to untimely death or chronic diseases.

The activities focus on the following groups:

1/   +50 seniors who still work – this group of people is the key group from the point of prevention approach; we are trying to make them develop habits, which will be useful even after their retirement.

2/   healthy seniors, who are weakened only by standard effect of aging process, are a group of seniors who do not suffer from any chronic diseases; it is only necessary to follow and respect standard physiological changes in their organism connected with aging.

3/   seniors chronically disabled – these seniors can be helped by trainers to stabilize their health condition and finally lower medication by their doctors especially in case of backache, hypertension, an endoprothesis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.

Seniors are not perceived as just passive users of provided services or sponsorships, they are perceived as activators and active participants on our project.